Design and Machining Services in North Prairie, WI

CAD/CAM software and machining capabilities:

Delcam Powershape

Our design software allows us to construct or modify complex solid or surface models.

Delcam Power Mill

Our CAM software gives us the ability to efficiently machine any 3D contour necessary for tooling we provide.


Our CAD translating package allows us to accept almost any native CAD file for quotation or construction.


Vertical machining centers up to 60″ x 120″ x 28″ envelopes.


Three axis portage with DRO and Rennishaw touch probe, along with utilization of optical/laser scanning, gives us great capabilities for inspection and reverse engineering.

Webex internet conference software, in conjunction with our CAD programs allows us to collaborate with our customers at any time throughout the design process to avoid any delays from communication.



We have a diverse list of services we can offer. With our abilities and contacts we can achieve the results you need.

  • 3D part modeling/design and engineering support with drafting and molding requirements considering all manufacturing applications.
  • Machined parts in all metals and plastics composites.
  • Casting procurement in prototype/limited quantities.
  • Molded parts in prototype/limited quantities.
  • Reverse engineering projects from existing parts.
  • Laser scanning for developing CAD geometry.
  • Casting layouts/complete dimensional and machined stock scribe and balance.
  • Foam patterns, CNC cut for limited casting eliminating the need for foundry tooling.
  • Thermo formed parts and foamed rubber.
  • Specialty machine design, new product development and rapid prototyping.

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We have a strong background in cylinder blocks and heads, manifolds, valve bodies and suspension parts.


Structural and functional components either machined or molded.

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